Monday, January 18, 2010


Watched the Golden Globes at my brother's house tonight. Robyn made pork roast but was planning on making pot roast. It was still really delicious. I forgave her though. I had my heart set on pot roast. I have to be honest. I figure, if I can't be honest here, where any stranger with some electricity and an internet connection can see and read anything that I type on this page, then where can I? It's a good practice too. The whole, be honest in a public place, I mean. I figure, some day, we will have to sit in front of a judge and he will look down at us and ask us if we want to cross examine the witness or something lawyerie/judgy like that and we'll just be like, I don't know what to ask him your 'honor", and then the judge will look down at us with that look, like "are you being sarcastic?" and we'll look back just kind of confused and play it off like we weren't trying to be, when sure we really were. I mean, come on. How are we supposed to cross examine an eye witness that saw the murder take place in broad daylight, and they were the one that just happen to be there with a video camera catching the whole thing on tape. And they're really a good person and you couldn't find any dirt on them to try to discredit them in court, and they just look like some angel, better than everybody else, when, even if they are, they shouldn't go around town bragging about it or showing it off with just the way they dress and behave themselves in public.... Wait. I think that was a question. Pretend I ended that sentence with a question mark. Yeah, I know I could just back space and delete all this crap, but then again, why would I do that when I was taught all growing up, that I need to show my work. So, you're seeing my work. In writing.

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