Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Day

I love a good rainfall. We had one of those today in California. It was POURING down. We hardly ever get it like it was today. And of course, I was out trying to get something done for once, so I was too busy to really sit back and enjoy it. It seemed like it was pretty great too! One cop had parked his vehicle in front of a huge lake of water on the 101, blocking traffic, and I guess, keeping cars from going in and stalling out or something. All I know is that it looked awesome and it bottlenecked the flow of traffic. At the time, I was too frustrated to smell those roses, but looking back, I think the little boy in my was trying REAL hard to enjoy it, and look at it, and want to strap some boards together and float in it.

For some reason, whenever I see rain coagulate like that, it takes me back to when I was a young lad. I guess I was around 10 or so, but I remember when it rained hard, and maybe it was just this one time, but I remember coming home and seeing this gargantuan puddle in our yard, in front of our peach tree. At lest I thin it was a peach tree. Anyway, we (I don't remember who did it with me) set sail on this wooden crate. Wait. As I am thinking about it, I'm picturing our vessel in my head, and it doesn't really seem like it would stay afloat with us on it. Actually, it probably just sank down into the muddy water, but seeing as how it was only a rain puddle, it probably wasn't that deep... Wow. The things we have to do with our memory to distort it so that it makes sense to us.

What if it really did float us?! What if it defied logic, and because we, as children, didn't fully understand it, we weren't held accountable to the laws of science, but now, as an adult, I (we) have to look back and assemble the pieces together until they all make sense and are explained away. Well, I don' think I like that very much.

Oh, I guess I need more photos in my blog. So, here you go. This is my nephew Wyatt. He loves to wear my helmet, but it's really heavy and he can only wear it for so long. Also, he loves chips.

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